Inforcer Series Safety Air Gun

Designed as the “in-line” version of the Force 5, the Inforcer Series excels in heavy-duty industrial and construction cleaning applications. Built for the toughest environments, they deliver maximum compressed air where and when required. Featuring a dead-man trigger, the Inforcer Series are the safe alternative to dangerous, “home-made,” ball valve actuated, open pipes. Engineered to be paired with tow-behind, or large in-plant compressors. Available in 6″ – 72″ lengths.


  • Thermally insulated, in-line style aluminum handle
  • Heavy-duty aluminium or steel extension
  • Heavy-duty adjustable auxiliary handle
  • Venturi, Chisel Point and Quiet Force Nozzle
  • ¾” FNPT inlet
  • Meets OSHA Standards