Spray Nozzles

Vortec Spray Nozzles provide ultra-fine droplet-sized sprays for evaporative cooling, atomization, humidification and wetting. Superior to conventional hydraulic and piezoelectric nozzles, spray nozzles produce spray patterns that can be widely diffused or directed. The liquid stream is entrained by high velocity compressed air to create a range of micron-level spray droplets, resulting in greater surface coverage than conventional nozzles. With this more efficient use of the liquid, spray nozzles accelerate air-liquid interaction to give more effective cooling, humidifying, wetting and dust control.

Three types of spray nozzles are available, all producing adjustable flow rates from 6 to 30 gallons (23 – 114 liters) per hour.

  • Fogging: Directed spray having droplet sizes of 20 – 60 microns. Liquid viscosities up to 1100 cP.
  • Atomizing: Directed spray having droplet sizes of 60 – 200 microns. Liquid viscosities up to 1100 cP
  • Humidifying: Wide spray with droplet sizes of 20 – 200 microns. Liquid viscosities up to 100 cP.


  • More efficient use of liquid as it is entrained by the compressed air
  • Consistent, effective cooling of surfaces reduces heat distortion of parts
  • Eliminates damage to wood and other water sensitive surfaces due to low humidity
  • Provides even coverage when applying coatings, rust inhibitors, lubricants, preservatives, etc. to parts, wood, rubber, plastic, food, and more
  • Reduces noise levels
  • Speeds testing for humidity effects due to varying humidity levels
  • High pressure liquid flows are not required
  • Precision flow rates minimize usage of expensive coatings, preservatives, rust inhibitors, etc.
  • Produce finer drops than will hydraulic nozzles
  • Droplet size and production is not dependent on liquid pressure
  • Air and liquid mix externally to minimize clogging


  • Produce controlled, ultra-fine droplet sizes
  • Removable nozzle tips for easy cleaning and replacement
  • Interchangeable nozzle tips give flexibility for fogging, atomizing and humidifying
  • Can be used with a wide viscosity range of 1 – 1100 cPs
  • Deliver a wide range of liquid flow rates (6 – 30 gallons per hour / 23 – 114 liters per hour)
  • Require no electrical connection at the nozzle
  • Allow low pressure liquid supply (2 – 20 psig / 0.14-1.4 bar)
  • Use only 12 scfm of compressed air
  • Liquid entrainment using compressed air minimizes clogging

Product specific features:

Model 1703:
•Fogging nozzle that produces 20 – 60 micron droplets
•Fogging mist extends to 30 inches swath at 8 feet (2.5 meters) from nozzle
•Handles liquids with viscosities up to 1100 cPs

Model 1707:
•Humidifying nozzle that produces 20 – 200 micron droplets
•Wide humidifying mist extends over 6 feet (2 meters) at only 12 inches (130 cm) from the nozzle
•Handles liquids with viscosities up to 100 cPs

Model 1713:
•Atomizing nozzle that produces 60 – 200 micron droplets
•Mist extends extends to 30 inches (76 cm) at 8 feet (2.5 meters) from nozzle
•Handles liquids with viscosities up to 1100 cPs



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